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Boudoir Photography San Diego | Fit Friday

Fit Friday

Thanks so much to Melisa for letting me share some tips on here. Melisa and I have known each other for over 11 years and in fact most of the photos on my walls came from behind the lens of her camera. I’m an online health and fitness coach based in southern California and wanted to share with you today some tips for toning up for your Boudoir shoot. Now don’t get me wrong – you could do nothing between now and the day of your shoot and your love will enjoy these photos for years to come. I mean, right? But if you want to tone up your tummy or bring up that toosh of yours in less than 30 days I have a few solutions.


  • Change up your plate. Food makes up over 80% of the change required to transform your body so choosing the right foods over the next 30 days is imperative. I’d remove any bloating foods including sugar, alcohol, dairy and grains/legumes from your diet. If you want more of a regimen with step by step instructions I highly recommend looking into the Whole 30 program. Or, if you find portion control is a struggle, consider the 21-day fix and Shakeology eating program through Beachbody.


  • From improving moods and boosting your energy levels to fighting disease and improving sleep, the benefits of just moving 20 minutes per day exceed just toning up your body. From a woman who nearly died at 26 years old because of a stroke, please trust me when I say 20 minutes a day is worth it. If you aren’t used to exercising I recommend spending the first week just walking. As your progress, you will want to add weights and movements that focus on the areas you want changed. Beachbody offers a free 30-day trial for their on-demand workout programs. With your phone, computer or Roku device you can stream over 60 at-home programs. Hint: there’s a program called Brazilian Butt Lift and 10-Minute Abs that will do just the trick. If you’d like me to get you signed up for free just drop me a line.


  • And finally, I’ve found accountability is the secret sauce to all of this. Find a neighbor, a sister, a best friend who has similar goals and will push you. If you need some daily motivation and accountability I offer a free fitness and health accountability group on Facebook. Comprised of just ladies, we encourage each other, share our struggles, celebrate our successes and experience the power of community together. Would love to journey with you so let me know if you’d like to be added.


Whatever you decide just remember that you are not defined by your body. You are a beautiful, sexy, complex, strong, capable and worthy woman whose Boudoir photos will rock the world of your loved one for years to come. Enjoy every minute of your shoot.


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Ragan Erickson is an online health and fitness coach devoted to helping women feel empowered and equipped to live full and impactful lives. By coupling mindset changes with a consistent exercise and nutrition plan she is able to help her clients get lasting results while dealing with the heart of the matter. Ragan’s health journey began when she had a stroke at just 26 years old. Her wild experiences through her recovery led her to find her passions and later become a health coach. Ragan lives with her husband and two young girls in Temecula where you can find her seeking adventure, making last minute plans or reading one of the 10 self-help books sitting on her night stand.

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