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20 Photos that Prove Boudoir can be Classy

Does Classy Boudoir seem like an oxymoron?

In my opinion, boudoir photography IS classy, and can be as classy, sexy, or risqué as you want it to be. But first let’s go over the definition of classy: stylish and sophisticated. I’d say it’s on my mind in every shoot to accomplish those two things! Let’s take a look at these images to show just how beautiful and “classy” boudoir really is!

Through classic posing and styling, a boudoir session can feel very simple and sophisticated. The amount of sexiness you want to portray is totally up to you! I give my clients a questionnaire to fill out prior to their session. In it I ask them to provide me 3 words that describe the look and feel thy are going for for their session. I often use these three words throughout their session and each session becomes as unique as my client. Utilizing these 3 words and their meaning offers insight for me and confidence to my clients. Sometimes my clients will forget the 3 words they provided to me and when I remind them of them, it’s like a lightbulb goes off and I can see their confidence sore.

What 3 words would you choose to describe YOUR ideal boudoir session?


What if “Classy” isn’t your thing?

I’m not sure why the word classy has recently began to carry a negative connotation, however in my studio it means 2 things: stylish and sophisticated. And if those words don’t resonate with you, well then I’m not sure what to say! I do my best to incorporate my clients wants and needs into the session, always keeping in mind that the end goal should be something we are both proud of. Keep it classy San Diego. IYKYK.


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