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Melisa Ford Boudoir is a luxury boudoir photography studio that specializes in creating art to help women feel empowered and sexy as they learn to embrace their unique beauty and own their fierce femininity.

Sassy Seductive Boudoir Photography | Melisa Ford Boudoir San Diego Boudoir Photographer

Scoring a luxury boudoir experience on me!

Scoring a luxury boudoir experience on me! | Melisa Ford Boudoir   In celebration of Women’s History Month, I would like to give back to all the hard working boss babes with a luxury boudoir experience!   What You Win: A FREE boudoir session. Regularly $430 including professional hair + makeup, a Boudoir Experience with Melisa in the...

Sassy Seductive Boudoir Photography

Sassy Seductive Boudoir Photography | Melisa Ford Boudoir   Fire and spice, this one. What’s my specialty? Well it’s sassy seductive boudoir photography, of course! My photography “style” is why clients choose me, but almost everyone has a certain idea in their head that they want to come out when I photograph them. We got...

Classy Playful Boudoir Photo-Shoot

Classy Playful Boudoir Photo-Shoot | Melisa Ford Boudoir   Miss M brought the fire with this session! All of the Honey Burdette lingerie she kept pulling out of her bag had me drooling and wishing we could just shoot EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE! HA! Lingerie choice IS important, and it doesn’t have to break the bank....

Naturally Sexy Boudoir San Diego

Naturally Sexy Boudoir San Diego | Melisa Ford Boudoir   Absolute FIRE. Between the lingerie choices and colors and her fantastic hair (SO PRETTY)…this session was fire. FIRE.   CLIENT INTERVIEW: Q: What motivates you to pursue a boudoir shoot right now? A: As a young woman I want to be able to look back in...

Self-Love Session For Her

Self-Love Session For Her | Melisa Ford Boudoir Out of nervousness sprung sheer confidence. Right. Before. My. Eyes. A self-love session for her. While every client has a different level of nervousness, almost all are definitely nervous. That’s fine. That’s GOOD! This is a pretty nerve-racking thing to do! But man o man is it...

PhotographyJocelyn Mokintext layer

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