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Nude Photography San Diego

Nude Photography San Diego | Melisa Ford Boudoir

Do all of my clients get naked? Simple answer is YES! While everyone has varying degrees of what is shown and what is not, every one of my clients does a nude/ implied nude set.

For most, they will only do this type of experience once in their life — so I say, WHY NOT get nude for some images!? You can reveal it all for a fine art nude portrait approach, or you can opt for an implied nude version. What is “implied nude”? Just like it sounds! Nude, but no bits showing. 

I usually do this part of the session last. By then my clients have changed multiple times, and are super comfy walking around naked! If it sounds weird, it is! Or at least that’s what everyone thinks. Then, before you know it, boom – you are chatting about the funny thing your kid did yesterday, all while standing there naked. Pretty. Damn. Liberating. 


Most tell me:

I’m going to be way too nervous.

I didn’t think I’d be able to get naked.

I thought I’d be too shy.


Only to strip down, laugh hard, get into awkward poses that could’t possibly look good, and then see the back of my camera and cry at how fucking amazing they look.

Just trust the process. That’s all I ask.



Q: What motivates you to pursue a boudoir shoot right now?

A: I’m uncomfortable with the weight I gained, but my husband loves it. Looking to feel as beautiful as he sees me.


Q: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most confident) how would you rate how you feel about your body? Elaborate.

A: 6.5/7. It’s not perfect, I’m not happy about the weight I’ve gained but at least it’s going to some good spots. Feeling a bit curvier but can rock it.


Q: What three words would you select to describe the look/ feel of the images you hope to create?

A: Classy, sexy, artsy.

Nude Photography San Diego | Melisa Ford Boudoir San Diego Boudoir Photographer
Nude Photography San Diego | Melisa Ford Boudoir San Diego Boudoir Photographer

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Melisa Ford Boudoir, nude photography San Diego, featuring fun and sexy portraits for the modern woman who wants to gift herself the power of self-love.

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