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Payment Plans


Set up a Pre-Session Payment Plan at the time of booking to pre-pay for your portrait products BEFORE your session. There are several convenient options to choose from. For example: If you book a session for 4 months from now, and you choose the $350/ month option, you will have $1400 to put towards your portrait product purchase on the day of your session! Setting up a Pre-Session payment plans is required within 10 days of booking a session, but is recommended to do so AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.

I recommend booking your session far enough in advance so that you have ample time to save.

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After Session Payment Plans

Full payment for your products is expected on order day. Most of my clients pay for their collection with their favorite credit card (earn air miles, points, or cash back). It is important to plan your budget and set up a Pre-Payment Plan.

AFFIRM: We are now offering Affirm (an afterpay solution) for all Collection Upgrades! This means if you have budgeted for the Beauty Collection but you REALLY want the Captivate Collection, you can use Affirm to pay for the upgraded cost.

If you booked a session last minute, an option is to apply for PayPal Credit. Please apply for PayPal Credit ASAP so that you will know how much you qualify for ahead of time. It often takes them up to 7 days to respond.

NOTE: as of Jan 1, 2021 Melisa Ford Boudoir is no longer accepting in-house payment plans. Payment for your products is expected in full on the day of your session, so please make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.



Here’s the inside scoop: boudoir photography is an investment in your own radiant story. If you’re waiting for the “perfect” time, like trying to catch a unicorn on a rainbow, trust me, regrets might come knocking. But hey, life’s too short for waiting games. Embrace the spotlight today, because you’re worth celebrating NOW. So why not capture your spirit in every pose and grin? Let’s ditch the ‘somedays’ and turn your radiant essence into timeless art – your very own masterpiece in pixels and prints!


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