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Perfectly Private Photography San Diego

Perfectly Private Photography San Diego | Melisa Ford Boudoir

This gorgeous mama of 3 wanted to reclaim her sexuality and feel comfortable and empowered in her own skin after giving her all to her babies for years. She also chose to keep her images anonymous which is a great option for sharing of your images without showing your face.

There are several reasons why women may choose to do a boudoir shoot after having children in order to feel empowered again:

  1. Body acceptance: After having children, many women may feel self-conscious about their bodies and may have lost confidence in their appearance. A boudoir shoot can help women feel proud of their bodies and embrace their physical changes.
  2. Celebrating motherhood: Boudoir shoots can be a way for mothers to celebrate their bodies, which have undergone significant changes from pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Reclaiming their sexuality: After having children, women may feel that their sexual identity has changed, and a boudoir shoot can help them



Q: What motivates you to pursue a boudoir shoot right now?

A: I want to make an album for my husband for his bday July 15 but I also just want to do them for me. I have three young kids and I just want to celebrate my body and my sexuality.


Q: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most confident) how would you rate how you feel about your body? Elaborate.

A: 8 maybe? Feeling sexy and like myself again- but 3 years of breastfeeding has left me a bit deflated.


Q: What three words would you select to describe the look/ feel of the images you hope to create?

A: Sexy, feminine, sultry.




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