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Elegant Bridal Boudoir Photography

Elegant Bridal Boudoir Photography | Melisa Ford Boudoir


Elegant bridal boudoir photography is a type of boudoir photography that is specifically focused on capturing the beauty and femininity of the bride-to-be in the months leading up to her wedding. In a bridal boudoir photoshoot, the photographer typically uses romantic and elegant settings, as well as beautiful and flattering lighting, to create stunning and sensual images of the bride. These images are often used as a special gift for the bride’s partner on their wedding day, as a way to celebrate their love and intimacy.


Prioritize boudoir as part of your wedding planning

Bridal boudoir photoshoots can be a fun and empowering experience for the bride-to-be, and a beautiful reminder of her beauty and strength on her wedding day and beyond. More and more brides are choosing to prioritize this type of session as part of their wedding planning.


Boudoir session grooms gift

A boudoir session can make a great gift for a groom on his wedding day. Many brides choose to surprise their partner with a boudoir photoshoot as a way to celebrate their love and intimacy, and to give them a special and unique gift that they can cherish for years to come. The images from a boudoir photoshoot can be beautiful and sensual, and can be a great way to add a personal and romantic touch to the wedding day. Some brides choose to give their partner a photo album or framed prints of their boudoir photos as a gift on the wedding day, while others opt to keep the images private as a special reminder of their love and commitment to each other.



Q: What motivates you to pursue a boudoir shoot right now?

A: I’m getting married in May and it’s a gift.


Q: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most confident) how would you rate how you feel about your body? Elaborate.

A: 2


Q: What three words would you select to describe the look/ feel of the images you hope to create?

A: Tasteful, bridal, confident.




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