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Melisa Ford Boudoir in CanvasRebel Magazine

Melisa Ford on CanvasRebel Magazine is a published boudoir photographer located in North County San Diego.

I was recently published in CanvasRebel Magazine!


The beauty and empowerment of boudoir photography: an interview with a professional published boudoir photographer.


We were lucky to catch up with Melisa Ford recently and have shared our conversation below.

Melisa, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. We’d love to hear the backstory behind a risk you’ve taken – whether big or small, walk us through what it was like and how it ultimately turned out.

While starting a business in and of itself was what I considered to be a huge risk at the time, 20 years ago, is was the best decision I have ever made. Fast forward to my established business of 17 years and at a turning point of a major life decision: stay in California or move out of state. My family and I decided to look at our options here in Southern California to buy property and start a small homestead and we ended up finding our dream location in Valley Center, about 25 minutes from where we lived in San Marcos. The one caveat for me when looking at properties was that it had to have an established building on the property for my studio. We found just that! It was a huge risk to buy a complete fixer-upper and completely remodel…READ MORE.

Melisa Ford on CanvasRebel Magazine published boudoir photographer

Melisa, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

I’m Melisa, Owner and Photographer of Melisa Ford Boudoir. I help women feel empowered and sexy as they learn to embrace their unique beauty and own their fierce femininity. My boudoir studio is located in North County San Diego. Clients travel to me from all over the country to have their boudoir session with me. This year I celebrated my 20th year as a professional photographer! (READ MORE)


Melisa Ford in CanvasRebel Magazine is a published boudoir photographer located in North County San Diego and services all of Southern California.


If you are interested in learning more about a boudoir session for yourself, CLICK HERE. To see my current work, follow me on Instagram.






Melisa Ford is a boudoir photographer in  North San Diego county and believes every woman deserves a boudoir session of her own.



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